Computer Problems

I’ve had several computer difficulties lately: I have a western digital my passport 2TB harddrive to which I was using on my mac. I plugged it into my old windows vista computer to transfer some files. All went ok. I unplugged my HD to which now when I plug it into my MAC it won’t recognise it. The light an the hard drive is all working but nothing coming through on the Mac neither when I plug it back into my Windows Vista computer. Is there chance the files can be saved / recovered onto another harddrive if I supply them both. As it’s all music files. I do also have a very old external harddrive I think it’s a Seagate 1tb that I dropped many years ago and wondered if the same could happen to that an that may be able to be recovered but my main priority is the Western digital one.

There was a power cut and that has prevented the hard drive coming on and being realised by the CCTV system

MacBook Pro no longer switches on but Apple shop says a part is broken and otherwise contents look fine. Keen to recover contents of hard disk before repair.

My computer doesnt recognise the hdd anymore and it doesnt make any noise when booting the pc. I need to see if we can recover the data from it on to a usb pen drive

My customers Samsung Galaxy S6 crashed following an attempt to recover deleted photos and was stuck in recovering mode. Using Odin restore the phone went from Android 6 to android 7 and we can now access the phone. The phone has lost all its current pictures and information. It can been seen using utilities but not restored. More importantly is to recover any phones previously deleted about two weeks ago, as they are of her daughter who passed away 6 months ago at the age of 30. Hence the sensitive nature of this problem

Seagate 1GB external drive. Just stopped working. My Mac recognises it but I cannot get it to mount unless I re-format it. This has so much of my life design and music work on it.