Anti Virus Reviews – Data Protection for the Small Business

The owner of the small business – always insecure, always frugal, ever aware of how any upheaval or rocking of the boat can upend a carefully thought-out business plan. But nothing can quite upset carefully laid-out plans as can a computer malfunction from a malicious malware attack. You wouldn’t leave your front door unsecured at night, and you shouldn’t let one of the 20 million viruses out there find their way into your unsecured compute either. An infection when you get it, (and not if), affects not only you, it also affects all your business partners – your suppliers, your customers. But bet that you didn’t know this, a lot of viruses out there today are custom-made for the small business. Imagine that, hackers out there rubbing their palms together in glee thinking of how much devastation they can wreak on a small individual businessman. One of the first steps to making a pick, even before you read a bunch of anti virus reviews for products specifically aimed at the small business, would be to put together a list of what to look for in this kind of software.
Well to begin with, not every antivirus package out there is even intended for every general-purpose situation. When you read your anti virus reviews, look for software that offers real-time protection, and goes to the trouble of taking action proactively on undefined threats. They call this advanced heuristic behavioral detection. When you do look at anti virus reviews, the best place to head for first is a trusted third-party testing organization, like the ICSA. Resources like CNET are invaluable too.
Imagine that you have your eye on a package that performs well, but is only designed for the individual user in mind. If you want to install it on 50 computers in your enterprise, that will mean a lot of work; it will also mean buying expensive single units. Software designed specifically for businesses makes it easy for you to buy bulk licenses at wholesale prices, and allows you to install it on all your computers all at once. Software that is not designed for businesses, small or big, is not going to make it any easier on you managing the whole thing. Not only is it important to have centralized installation facilities, it is important to be allowed to manage things remotely – just think about what life will be like running around dozens of computers tweaking this or checking that. And having support designed for the bulk customer too.
So now that you have all of that under your belt, let us offer you our best anti virus reviews for the small business. Right now, Kaspersky, Bit Defender and ESET NOD32 are the three best- performing and most cost-effective brands out there. For the small business, Kaspersky offers you bulk licenses for up to 150 computers, while ESET lets you scale it up to 10,000 computers. For the best technical support, Kaspersky is hard to beat and all three allow you to make a rescue boot disk should things fail catastrophically. These three are also certified by all three important certification authorities, ICSA, West Coast Labs, and VB. An unconventional way to think about this would be to switch over to a platform that doesn’t quite suffer as much an infections – the Macintosh. The Macintosh platform will need its own antivirus software to for business users, but you’d find so few threats, you might even do without.